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>> Saturday, March 6, 2010

I have the most sensitive skin. I am allergic to everything and I started my journey to make as many products at home as I could to save me money, to save the earth, to alleviate my sensitive skin and more. A client told me about Melaleuca and I put off hearing from a consultant for months and now I wish I hadn't because so far I love the products.

Here is how it works and at first I was very leery of the entire concept because I just wanted the products and not the sales pitch. When you join Melaleuca you help the person who helped you get in earn money. It is as simple as that as you purchase products they make money off your purchases. Now if you are a business person or a person who would like a stay at home business then this may be an opportunity for you, however if you are like me and just want the products then that is doable as well.

My Melalueca person contacted me last fall and several months ago I consented to hearing the "sales" pitch over the phone. She simply walked me through the program and I watched videos as she spoke with me. There is a yearly fee ($29) sometimes they have specials and the fee is waived as well. I became a preferred member so I get an extra discount for agreeing to buy a certain amount of products a month. You can cancel your preferred membership at any time.

Here is the nitty gritty of the company. They are environmentally on top of it, they work to use less, get more from your money by using concentrated products and they are famous for their tea tree oil which has many healing and cleaning properties.

My biggest concern at the time was my dry skin. I bought the Renewal lotion with tea tree oil and I can honestly say that my skin sighed with relief when I used it. I was trying to make my own lotions to get away from scents and chemicals but I though I will give this lotion a try and it is working. My itching is way down, my skin feels softer and smoother.

I ordered a few of their concentrated cleaners. I usually make my own. The tub and tile cleaner is great and you can breathe while you use it, it has a fresh scent and is made from all natural ingredients so no one would get more then a belly ache if they ingested the entire thing. I also got a kitchen cleaner that is working well....I continue with my beloved vinegar for the windows but so far I am enjoying the cleaning products and I love the fact that they wont harm me in the least.

I had a problem with shampoos and conditioners. I have very dry hair, my scalp itched and I constantly picked and itched at my scalp. One month into using their shampoo/conditioner my scalp is not itching and I feel so much better about my hair/scalp health.

My husband is using the pain a trate (like Ben gay) and its working. The bar soaps are french milled so they last forever and after using two of the bars I don't itch when I get out of the shower. But the Renewal body wash that goes with the lotion has been the best thing wonderfully feeling. I tried the toothpaste and although it cleans well I didn't like the mint so I ordered the Cinnamon to try and will have my family use the other one.

I have purchased some crackers and activity bars but have not tried them yet due to my diet the past few weeks. Today I ordered the laundry soap, pre-spotter and softener to try out. I usually make my own soap but want to give it a try as well. I ordered some shampoo for my daughter today as well she has the opposite of me having more oily scalp so it will be interesting to see how her hair takes to the new shampoos.

They have vitamins that are cutting edge, beauty products, weight loss and much more. So far I am happy with the entire products and wish I would not have waited to try it out before now. Take a look and see if this might be for you. If you want more information feel free to leave me a comment and I will get back to you.


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