Eat This, Not This

>> Friday, March 5, 2010

I have been doing pretty well on my better eating style the past few weeks. I am down 9 pounds and I am not killing myself just trying to eat better choices. I am addicted to carbs and I need to balance those better along with adding more fruits and veggies each day but I hope to continue to eat better each day. The one thing that does make me suffer is staying away from fast food places. I admit that I am addicted to fast food. If you eat a lot of fast food your mouth craves that feel and regular food doesn't taste as good at first. I miss the drive thru but I don't miss spending the money and I know I am doing better when I drive on past and go home to eat instead.

There are books out that show you, "Eat This, Not This," and this is one of those websites that show you what might be in the sandwich you choose and a better choice. Some of the calorie counts are shocking. I have never been to the cheesecake factory before but I can tell you right off if I had I would have picked the chicken club they showed and it would have ruined my calorie count for the day. Check it out.


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