First Aid Kits Challenge

>> Thursday, June 25, 2009

One thing I do not have in my home or car is a First Aid safety kit. This is one thing we all should have just in case.

I began to think about this on Monday night because my husband blew a tire on his birthday at 11pm at night. Thank God he happen to be entering a small town because he was on a secluded country road with nothing but amish houses around him. He came into the small town and just as he went through a light his tire was acting funny and he pulled over and as he did it blew out. He could have been hurt going 60 mph on an old country road. I laughed at him because he had a time changing that tire. But had he hurt his hand and needed a band aid or something he wouldn't have had anything to help him at that time.

If someone where to hurt their knee in my house I would have to search for the band aids in one cabinet and some where else in the house I have peroxide. I really need to get a kit together. And then we need to be honest in that any type of accident could happen, we have bad storms around here and so forth so having a safety kit is really a responsible thing to have on hand.

So I am putting out a S.O.S to all my readers to get a safety Kit together and or share there kits with us readers. I really want to know what should be in the safety kits? Should there be one for the house and one for the car? Should they be different? What would you suggest to put in a kit? What type of holder should our kits have? Can we do this frugally?

Let me know in the comments and if you have a safety kit in the home or car then link your blog and show us a picture.

So the challenge is.....if you do not have a safety kit in your home and or car to get one made up within the next two weeks. To do this kit as frugally as possible (because we hope we never need it) but to have all the needs one might have in the kits.

Who is up for the challenge?


Bargain Becky June 25, 2009 at 1:39 PM  

Great post! Last year, I was talking to some local moms and they all talked about First Aid kits. I kind of felt like a slacker mom since I didn't have one in the car. I saw one at BJ's and was like "Wowzers! $19.99 for one?" Well anyways - the next week, I found perfect little (but GOOD!) Johnson & Johnson ones at Walmart for $8.97. I bought 2. One for the house and one for my car. I actually bought the 2nd one for my husband's car but he thought it would be better in the house. I think there are $1 off MFCs out there for this. It's good to know I have it in the car.

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