Black Bean Brownies

>> Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I finally made the black bean brownies on Sunday. I can honestly say that I could not taste the beans at all. I tasted the batter and it tasted fine. The brownies came out very moist and slightly chewier then regular brownies. My family ate most of them. Having said that let me say that I have mental problems. I just couldn't get over the fact that they were made of beans and it turned me off. I don't know why because I love black beans. I am strange like that any time my mind thinks a certain way I will not eat or drink something. So if you are not like me or want to trick your family make these brownies because they really were good.

The recipe is a breeze. Take one can of black beans, rinse and drain. Put beans in blender with one cup of water and liquefy. Add that mixture to one box of regular brownie mix. Nothing else just those two ingredients. Mix and put in a pan. Add any nuts or whatever you want, I put in some Reese's chips. Bake for normal time keeping an eye out for doneness. That is it folks. Let me know if you tried it or have tried these brownies and what you thought.


Queenbuv3 June 15, 2009 at 3:44 PM  

I have to try this! I am always trying to find a way to sneak nutrition into desserts. My daughter and hubby love sweets and my hubby doesn't really like beans whole. This sounds too good to be true. No eggs? Really? I just have to try it!

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