Lasagna Gardening: Planting Fruits

>> Friday, May 8, 2009

Go here to see parts of the book.

Time for another addition to the lasagna gardening series. If you have missed any of the series you can catch up by going to the left side bar and clicking on , "lasagna gardening."

I have two fruit plants a blueberry bush and a raspberry bush. Both are small and have not yielded anything worth writing about. My goal is to add several more bushes this year.

The author says that planting fruits are no big deal for lasagna gardens. Lets talk berries.

Blueberries like more acidic soil. Use more peat moss and add some pine needles, they love that.
Put an extra ring of mulch around the new plant and water often for good root growth.

Blackberries are upright and thorny. Control the vines by using a trellis. Make a T with wood and string to help hold the berries up for better growth.

Raspberries need good drainage, rich soil and plenty of light. (I might need to move mine)
Pinch off growth the first year and for go the first year berries to put all the energy into the roots you will be better off for it the next season.

Strawberries grow best in full sun and rich soil. There are many varieties of strawberries so check the weather growth zone for best planting tips for the strawberries you want to plant.

There are many more types of berries that can be planted so do your research before you plant and use the lasagna method for ease of planting.


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