Change, Change, Change

>> Friday, May 8, 2009

Change means more then you think. I have nothing but change happening around here with people moving in and out and back in, becoming the parent to my father in law, losing my job, dealing with my husbands job loss and the list goes on...

My blog friend Marilyn shows how she uses her spare change to make a difference. Great post Marilyn because I do this as well and this can be a major help.

My husband shakes his head at me often because I almost always use whole dollars and bank the change. I put it in my car holding spot, or my purse and then it makes its way into my household holding place eventually. I save it until something comes around that makes me think; Hey lets use the change! You can save for trips, use it for special family treats, pay a bill, get some extra groceries and the list goes on so don't think that change doesn't add up. My bank will let us bring unrolled change and doesn't charge you. Our local supermarket uses a coin star machine and charges a minor fee. Save your pennies for a rainy day because change is just around the corner.


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