Oh My Goodness

>> Thursday, March 12, 2009

I can't believe it is Thursday already. Sorry my week has been so off. I have put in a bunch of hours this week, and we have more earth shattering changes at work so that required some extra hours and a long night last night to go over the highlights.
We also had doctors appt for father in law and he is doing fairly well.

I did make two extra trips to Walgreen's and was able to get three total bottles of Irish springs body wash and it did pop me out another but I won't get that until next week because I just don't need that many bottles and I don't want to take advantage of the situation. I also got some really great clearance deals there today as well and just wished I had some coupons to go with the deals but either way it was a great deal day.

I got my starter back out of the fridge to 'warm' up. I am going to add some flour and water tonight and let it sit out overnight to get it going again. Tomorrow I want to make another cake and will also make the overnight bread by doing it overnight as it said to do in the first place. I will keep you updated on that this weekend with pictures because I love to see pictures of what people are making.

My hubby went to enroll into the Master Program and he will be getting a Masters in Health admin. which is a booming business. He has his bachelor in business management, a minor in econ and various other concentrations.

My hubby took our "son in law to be" to the unemployment office today to help him get set up on getting a "FREE" education. It looks like he will be able to get into the radiology program and they will give him 6 grand to do so. He has to go on Monday and take a 3 hour assessment class. That same evening he will go to take the entrance exams for the local college. A busy day for him but a good start. He didn't have a very good home life growing up and hence is shy, inverted and never had a good male role model so he sometimes needs a bit of a push and helping hand to get things going.

My daughter said she is thinking the radiology program too and so my hubby will get her started with the paperwork next week as well. We are thinking that she can take whatever classes her love takes after he does so they can use the same books and save some money.

Have a wonderful night folks and I will update you all later. Thanks you all for you thoughts, comments and continued support of my blog.


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