I look sweet....but...

>> Friday, March 13, 2009

I look cute and I am cute. I am going to be 14 weeks old on Monday. I have been living with my new family for 7 weeks now and I am so spoiled. I get the best food and I play all day. My sisters love me and I am one sister's little shadow, where ever she goes I go too. My mommy rubs my belly, my daddy lets me sleep on the couch with him, my human sister teases me and my grandpa lets me bite his feet. I got the life people. I let out a little bark when I want something, I run around like a crazy dog, I ruined my mom's rug and I kinda shredded a small part of her carpet by the front door. I didn't mean too but no one was watching so...Everyday is so great here...except shot day and mom says something about puppy training and getting fixed soon? I love my home.

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