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>> Thursday, March 19, 2009

Head on over to commonsensewithmoney and see how she can save you a buck or two. I will add her to my favs. If you scroll down on her blog there is a target update and several free things you can get this week. I don't shop target (because I could spend way too much money there)but lately I have been reading ALOT about Targets coupons and stacking with manufacture coupons to get free stuff. So headed over there today to get some free bread, light bulbs and pledge.

I tried to figure out who to weed out and I just could not do what I did do was change places with my live feed and my blog favs so if you are looking just look on both sides for my blogs favs, I tried to spread them out a bit more. I will eventually have to weed some out because I have too many but for now I will deal with it because I can not seem to hit the delete button!


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