Detox day 5 continued...

>> Sunday, February 22, 2009

This has been a rough food day. I did very well but I have to tell you I wanted everything. I wanted the no no food but more then that I wanted other stuff like meat, cheese, and some hearty carbs.

I am a fast food addict and I thought that would be hard but going without the other stuff is worse I think. But it does make you appreciate what you are putting in your body. My biggest problem right now is that I am not creative enough with my food and I think if I had other tastes maybe I wouldn't feel so food needy. Not sure.

We did not get much done today. I didn't get coupons either! We have a lot of snow and we had to dig out and we had to get the spare room ready for the official move in of my father in law. Looks like he isn't going anywhere for awhile. So he needs a room of his own and we need our living room back.


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