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>> Monday, February 23, 2009

Lately I have been getting some great freebies in the mail. My coupons for free shampoo from sauve came along with a free can of healthy select soup, and a free can of diced tomotoes thanks to DelMonte. I also got some great money saving high end coupons for Old Orchard juice.

If you are a pull up or diaper person I got a $2 off pull ups (jumbo or larger), $1.50 off pull up trainers (jumbo or larger), .50 off huggie wipes and 2-$1.50 off any huggies diapers. If you would like these coupons you can send me a self adressed stamped envelope and I will send them to you. Expiration is 5/23/09 on these coupons. Just leave me a comment and I will email you may address.


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