My Sunday Shopping Trip

>> Sunday, January 4, 2009

Went to Kroger for a few deals today:

Cottonelle 3pks @.99 used four .50 coupons doubled (yes I used 4 because I forgot to get 1 more and they took the coupon off anyway, the thing is I needed that toilet cadet)

Cantaloupe 1.27

Wacky mac pasta 2 @ 1.63 used two printables doubled

No Yoke Noodles 2 @ 2.24 used two printables doubled

Red Gold Tomato Juice .99

Kroger 24 pk water 2.99

Lactaid milk for my spoiled daughter 3.77

Total savings 13.14
Total pd 12.13

Then I headed on over to Walgreen's....I really get discouraged here because their rules always seem to change)

1 color ink cartridge 19.99

2 Almond packs 2/5

4 boxes Kellogg cereal 3/7 (after 3 RR) used 1 off coupon for each box

2 boxes South Beach diet bars 2/5 used 1 off coupon for one box

3 Soft Soap 3 @ 2.79 (.99 in ad coupon) used .50 off coupon for each

2 Puffs Plus 2 @ 1.79 (.89 in ad coupon)

3 Palmolive Dish soap 1.79 (1 off each in ad coupon) used three .50 coupons for each

2 Planters healthy mix nuts 2/7

1 Quilted Northern Plus 4.00 used 1.00 off coupon

1 Snausages 4.29 used 1 coupon for free product

1 Snapple Tea 1.39

Total Savings: 45.92
Total spent: 52.29 (20 bucks of this was ink, I hate buying for ink)

I was happy with my shopping trip today except Walgreen's had trouble getting coupons to process and they were regular Manufacture Coupons. They put them through but made this big deal about how they don't have to accept them if they don't scan and I told the guy come on a manufacture coupon you always get your money back anyway. I hate going there but like the deals so what can I do?


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