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>> Friday, January 30, 2009

Thanks everyone for the well wishes. I know many of you have been through things like this before. My father and grandfather passed from cancer so I have lots of experience taking care of needs. I just wish I didn't have to do it.

My father in law is so funny...Once I showed him how to drink from the sports cup w/straw he has been sucking down the liquids. He ate toast, an entire ham sandwich, a piece of Cinnamon swirl bread, some meat loaf and mac/cheese today in addition to 32 oz of powerade. This is pretty big for him. He is slow but eating. This weekend some major talking will have to be done.

My supervision with my boss was today and she said she had to talk to me....I said, "I am not getting laid off am I?" and she said no but they had to transfer someone else in order for that not to happen. So my job is safe for now. Our budget got cut by 34% because of the economy.


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