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>> Sunday, February 1, 2009

Above this post you will find a slide show of my puppies. The bigger one's name is sugar we call her boo boo. The smaller white pup is named snickers we call her little baby because she had parvo when we got her and she has always been a baby. My new little one is Sweetie pie but I call her little shit cause she just is...She is a shiatsu, my other dogs are American Eskimos miniatures.

I made it through the weekend. It has been rough. We didn't get a lot of sleep. My father in law did well as far as eating and he is getting a bit of strength back. He has lost some control of his bowel/urine functions and lets just say I had some upsetting moments with that. We started to clean out his house so we can get the paper work together and we found money everywhere...old people are funny I tell you. Plus we have the doctor tomorrow and the lawyer on Tuesday. We will see what the doctor says but he will have to be told tomorrow he can't go home at least for now he will have to go where someone can take care of him. I struggle with this but I know my limits and I can't do this, I have high anxiety and don't sleep well anyway so this would not be good for me health.

I haven't even looked at ads yet but did run to Walgreen's for Kleenex and adult diapers and they have a good ad so make sure you check the side bar for this weeks great deals.


Denise February 1, 2009 at 8:34 PM  

The pup is so cute!!! Awww makes me want one so bad! But then I remember all the work! I am glad to hear you made it through the weekend. Another week tomorrow, but we start it off right with lunch!! I need it.

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