Biggest Loser...Something to think about

>> Wednesday, December 17, 2008

OK here is the scoop, the honest to goodness scoop...every season I watch the biggest loser and most of the time I am snacking while I am watching it wondering why I can't do what they are doing. I know I am not alone.
The season finale was last night and yeah...Michelle won she deserved it. They highlighted the next season and the couples involved are the biggest people they have ever had and this got me to thinking it is about time to put down the my husband and I are thinking we would like to do the biggest loser when the new season starts.
Take a bit of time, it isn't happening tomorrow. Get through the holidays, get through the new year, get through the wind down and the candy everyone gives you for Christmas because we will start with the new Season in January and not on Jan. 1st either.
I will do a post every week with a tip and the only requirements for you all is to post your successes, or gains or comments, frustrations, tips, and so on...honestly, nicely and not to judge another living soul.
I am going to put myself out there, I am going to be honest with my weight and frustrations so I hope you all can do the same even if you do it weekly as anonymous.
So who is in? I am looking forward to this because I need to be healthier and I want you all to work on it with me too.


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