Sunday chopped full of cooking

>> Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday's Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack?
Plus left overs!!

First I got up and made pancakes, sausage links and bacon. My family flipped I rarely make breakfast meats.

Then I boiled some eggs and peeled some potatoes for the makings of potato salad. When that cools down I will put that all together.

Then...I made three pumpkin pies which are almost done cooking. As soon as those come out I will be putting in the sausage and potato mixture, I made for dinner in the already heated oven and all before we go to church tonight.

I experimented with this sausage/potato mixture a few weeks ago. I get really good stuffed sausage from our local Amish butcher and I take the skin off because I hate that then I mix several boxes of Betty crocker potatoes and put those in a deep sided oven dish. I usually change up the milk and water using more milk then water as the box calls for because it makes it creamier.

I layer the sausage on top, cover it with tin foil from the bottom over top in case it boils over a bit and it usually does for about an hour or until the sausage is brown on top and the potatoes are set. This was so yummy I can not even tell you how good it tasted.


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