>> Saturday, November 15, 2008

No I don't really believe I have dementia but sometimes I wonder. My mind does not seem to remember silly things anymore. Truly I think it is a deeper sign of the depression I fight but it frustrates me to no end.

I ran to Walgreen's to get the items I needed. Had all my coupons ready and in an envelope. I even sat in the car and went through the coupons and pulled a few more out so all would be easy to give at the check out. Of course they were out of a few things but I grabbed an extra deal on a few bags of Halloween candy and went to check out. As my total came up to about 20 bucks after coupons, I used my gift card rebate card and gave her $4 for the rest. I then went a mile down the road to the other Walgreen's to get the pumpkin I was missing when I realized I had not used the $5/20 coupon. I was so pissed at myself. What had happened? It was right there in the envelope and I didn't even remember I had it much less remember to grab it out of the envelope. So I brooded the entire way home. I was frustrated at how disorganized my life has been lately.

My house is a mess, I have no kitchen space because I need to re-organize the cupboards, my entire thought process it messed up.

So I come home and I looked at my daughter and said lets get the kitchen organized. I have to put these stockpiles somewhere and I refuse to put it in another room when its food. So I quickly made a stockpile list and we got down on hands and knees (lazy suzan) and started taking stuff out of the cupboards, throwing out old and counting out new. The cupboards were so dirty, disgusting thank god only my daughter and I could see them so everything got a good wipe down. We found lots of new space by putting things in a more organized fashion. We have a list of stockpile items on the fridge and everyone knows to mark off something if they take something new.

After reading some blogs lately I really do need to cut down on my frustration and make life a little easier for myself and I feel this is the first step. I know what I have, what I need and what not to buy. This means skipping some sales that are coming up but that is OK because I am stocked.

So if you are new to couponing or an old hat is it time to re-organize? Have you looked under the sink or at the bottom drawers that need a good wipe down? It is amazing how good you feel about a clean and organized area.

This will also help us to make up some dinner menus for the next few weeks. We know what we have to cook meals.

God bless all of you that are so frustrated you either want to scream, cry and or throw things. Take a deep breath and figure out one thing you can do tonight that will help you feel better tomorrow. If that is nothing more then putting the dirty dishes in the dishwasher then feel good because you made one step towards re-organizing your life. DO NOT over whelm yourself and start to do the kitchen project especially if you are by yourself. I had my daughter so have a friend help or an older child and do what you can handle at one time.

This is a great time to look at the FLYlady on my side bar. She can really help you and I need to get back to that daily organizational techniques.


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