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>> Friday, November 14, 2008

My daughter as most of you know is 20 and unemployed right now. I had a talk with her yesterday about having to set outside of herself and do things that are uncomfortable and anxiety ridden. She like me has depression, anxiety and panic issues.

Since she is unemployed she must look for a job and she is scared to begin that search, try something new, meet new people, expose herself, let down her guard and all that goes into a new job. This is hard no matter your age.

I also have told her for years as she had quarrels with friends and so forth that each phase of her life will bring her into new areas, new friends and new experiences.

My journey into my new job was difficult but I had to practice what I preach and expose myself too. And so I am meeting new people, experiencing new ideas and making new friends.

Ever meet someone you thought you knew before? Ever meet someone and have a 'click' moment? Has it ever been hard to be the first person to reach out and say I want to be your friend? Children have it so easy they say lets go play and friend.

Well my new friend, at work and I clicked and it was more like a ah..ha..moment.

This is kinda funny because I read a blog about friends and people who are good for you on Leaving excess the other day under Reduce your clutter. And I want to add friends to my bank account for the good of my life.

I had an outstanding teacher for a college course in Organizational Communication. She once explained that each relationship is like a bank account. The more good transactions that pass between you, the higher the balance is. Then, when someone makes a mistake and does something nasty or not nice (even if it was unintentional), there is a withdrawal. Some accounts get overdrawn - and you no longer are willing to carry on the relationship. If you just meet someone and see them being unkind - there is no account balance there - you are unlikely to cut them slack and instead will not build a relationship. On the other hand, if your brother does something underhanded, you may have more of an account to draw from - it may be noticeable and painful, but you can weather the storm in that case. This analogy has really helped me to know when it is time to move on.

So who are the people making deposits in your life? Who are the people overdrawn and dragging you down?

So to all my friends who have stuck by me through thick and thicker. I love you. I hope I have been a deposit to you and never a withdraw.


The Barnharts November 14, 2008 at 9:52 PM  

I agree- change is scary. Your daughter is lucky she has you to help her!

Paula November 15, 2008 at 9:06 AM  

Thanks, I appreciate that.

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