Walgreen's Coupon for 24/25th ONLY And Double Dipping days

>> Thursday, October 23, 2008

Yeah for Walgreen's. I never got to the store this week because I was in Florida and now I get to save some money. Click on the picture to go to the Walgreen website to print a coupon. Keep in mind that Walgreen's wants you to spend $20 after all coupons, and manufacture coupons are done.
Funny, I know but it is their way of making money. They have several deals this week that you pay out for but get rebates back. Go to I heart Wags to check out this weeks deals.
And if this were not enough to get you going you can do the 'double dipping' that occurs on the weekend that overlaps the easy saver catalog. What does this mean? This means you can use the coupons in both the Oct/Nov Easy Saver Catalog. In addition you can stack a manufacture coupon as well.
If you use the rebates make sure you enter your rebates right away so you don't miss out on your rebate deal. If you need some help understanding some Walgreen lingo see mommysnacks, her site reminded me that double dipping days were here and she has some good information that may help newbies when shopping. She also mentioned that you can print two coupons so if you need to split your transactions for oct rebates and nov rebates you can get savings on both.


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