This week's CVS, Walgreen's, Rite Aid and more

>> Sunday, October 12, 2008

Please use the side bar to check out any deals for the 'drugstores' this week. I wrote on Rite Aid having tons of freebies thru the rebates on cold & flu season products. Walgreen's also has some rebated deals on these products. If you have not gotten any of these items yet they are worth putting some time, effort and money into to save in the end.

Having said that...I don't see any major deals for this week. I have so many glade products, toothpaste & brushes, deodorant and razors so unless you need these items it probably is a good week to concentrate on other things.

I quickly glanced thru the Meijer ad and there is not anything fantastic in there but if you are having Thanksgiving you might want to give meijer a glance. The do have Pepsi cans and bottles on sale. If you need frozen veggies then make sure you have the coupons or printouts that have been going around lately.

I probably sound like a drag today but I just don't see anything worth rushing out the door for this week. Plus I am leaving for Florida in a few days need I say more?

Since this is a slower week and you will probably not be shopping as much it is a good time to concentrate on getting yourself organized and informed.

  • Have you gotten your coupon organizer together yet? I have some ideas on the side bar that show my organizer and some other ways. It really does help to have some system in place to help you as you shop at different stores.

  • Are you up on the coupon lingo? If not start to get familiar with the language.

  • If you are not going to shop this week then check out the deals for next week and match some coupons. This is why I love the "I heart...websites" You can see what is coming down the road. They are on my side bar.

  • Are you keeping track of your savings? Now is a good time to start to develop and track your shopping.

  • Have you set yourself a budget or challenged yourself to spend a certain amount each week or month?

  • Holidays ARE around the corner. Have you thought about what you would like to serve or bring to the gatherings? I can not stress this enough make a list now and start to look out for those saving now instead of the last minute. You may not know everything you are going to bring or serve yet but you probably know your standard items so get a list together and save. I think it would be kinda fun to save so much and keep track that you can tell your family, "hey do you know how much this cost me?" You might get a family member to start couponing and it makes for fun conversations.

Ok there are a few ideas to start working on this week. It certainly wouldn't hurt to begin to get a Christmas list together either. In my family we draw out names and we did this last weekend. Hope some of this might be helpful.


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