Flu, Cold, Allergies and More, Oh My

>> Saturday, October 11, 2008

I don't know about you guys but I have two people I know already sick this past week. I have very bad allergies and being that my new job will be going into a person's house to do home assessments for child abuse and neglect I am afraid of running into major allergies.

I took a chance today and bought some of that new allergy blocker that you put right on the outside of your nose. It is supposed to help block allergens. It was $13 and I had a $3 store coupon and a $3 manufacturer coupon so I bought it today. I will let you know how it works.

If you read my blog this week you know Rite Aid has a huge sale on cold season items. I see that Walgreen's has some good deals too. Even if you don't have coupons most of these items have rebates so take advantage and stock up now not when you family is sick and you have no option but to spend a chunk of money.

Stockpile items:

Face tissue, you can never have enough

Cough drops

Cough syrup

Children's aspirin

Cold Medicines

Children's electrolyte drinks, frozen pops

Check out the deals and don't wait to get caught off guard. YOU KNOW IT IS COMING so don't put it off. If you get the stuff for free or nearly free and your family doesn't need it then you won't feel bad about not using it.

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