Sunday shopping spree

>> Sunday, October 26, 2008

I ended up driving about 50 miles to a Kmart that was participating in the double coupons. I did not use Internet coupons. But I had plenty of other ones. Spent lots of time wondering in the store because I was by myself.

I purchased:

Dial soft soap 2/3 used 2-.30 coupons for 1.20 off
4 pks of Zest soap 2.19 ea used 4-1 coupons for 8 off
1 Vaseline men's lotion 2.99 used 1.50 coupon for 3 off
1 Kotex pantyliner 1.29 used .75 coupon for 1.50 off
1 Halls cough drop 1.5 used .50 coupon for 1 off
1 Rolaids 2.24 used 1 - 1 coupon for 2 off (however this coupon was not accepted....eeerrr)
3 Bayer aspirin 2.29 used 3-1 off coupons for 6 off
1 Vics 44 cough syrup (clearance) 2.50 used 1 coupon for 2 off
1 Vics Early defense hand sanitizer 3 used 1.50 coupon for 3 off
1 box choc chip muffins 2.39 used .75 coupon for 1.50 off
4 Hunts snack pack puddings 1 ea used .75 (off two) for 3 off
6 bags snack size candy bars 3/5 used 2-1 coupons for 4 off
1 box Mini wheats 2.66 (3/8) used 1 coupon for 2 off
1 box Special K cereal bars 2.5 used 1 coupon for 2 off
4 Peter pan Peanut Butter 2/4 used 4-.50 coupons for 4 off
1 can sweet/crunchy peanuts came up .20cents (guess this saved me on the Rolaids huh?)

Total amount $85.26
Total savings $58.21
Total spent $27.05

Worth the drive and I had fun being by myself.

I also stopped at a store called Wise Ways which has some good advertised deals. I was able to get:

1 gallon milk 2.39
Digorno pizza 4.49
5 lbs sugar .99
Loaf Aunt Mille Bread .99
chicken breasts at 50% off (got six packages for under 10 bucks)
2 packages hot dogs 2/3
1 bacon 2.50
4 packages shredded cheese 4/6
1 bag Frito Lays chips 1.88

These prices were good enough for me to make a pit stop there. I have done enough grocery shopping this weekend that there will be no grocery shopping for several weeks. At most a quick stop for milk or bread only.

I don't want to hear one person in my house complain that there is nothing to make or eat in the house. Between the frozen items, cereals, prepared meats, cheeses, lunch meats, soups, canned foods, fruit and the list goes on....there is no excuse for eating out or complaining!!!!!

I have also out grown my coupon organizer. I need to stop and get myself some more photo inserts to break down my coupons once again.

I will be making some quick stops at CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreen's this week but I have enough ECB's, RR, and gift cards that I should not have to pay out any money.


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