Are you Jealous of the People Who Seem to Save So Much Money?

>> Saturday, October 11, 2008

I happened to be looking at who had been on my site lately and found

She has a very cute blog so check her out. Anyone else waiting for the Twilight Movie? She has a count down widget, too cute.

I was reading a blog she had about not being able to save like the blogs brag about, not having access to the stores we all have and not getting coupons in the newspaper. I truly felt her frustration. Let me share a secret with you...I also get jealous of those blog sites that say they spend nothing. I can do this sometimes with the drug stores and I do save on groceries but it is not often that I can walk out of the grocery store spending pennies. After months of couponing I realized a few things.

  • Anything you can save by using coupons or taking advantage of sales is a good thing

  • I can't sacrifice my families wants and needs to save money
An example of this is Jif peanut butter. My hubby loves only jif and I have been buying all the other brands because they were on sale but he really wanted his jif. Today I bought Jif with no coupon and he was really happy. Secondly I found myself not wanting to purchase things unless I have a coupon and that can't be the option all the time. Sometimes you just need the item and its OK to buy it.

So what can you do if you have limited access to stores and little to no coupons?

  • Try the coupon clipper. She can get you the coupons you want at a very small price and I have loved the coupons I got from her. It is worth the price. (side bar)

  • Get the coupons you can together and travel to a store for a once a month coupon shopping stockpile trip. Shop local for fresh foods and dairy.

  • I know fresh is best but see if frozen or canned can help to stock pile when fresh is not in season and really expensive. Frozen veggies are excellent and canned fruit can be found with natural juices. Also low sodium soups can be a quick lunch or dinner. You can find coupons for these on the coupon clipper too.
Hopefully this helps some. Just think if you normal spend X amount of money and you save $20 a month with coupons (may not seem like much) but if you saved that $20 bucks every month you would have $240 bucks at the end of the year and what would you do with an extra $240 bucks? I can think of a few things.....

What do you guys think? Is there ways in which we can save money if we don't have access to all the advantages? What if you like organic? Leave me some comments and share your stories, successes, frustration and ideas.


The Barnharts October 13, 2008 at 10:41 AM  

wow! I am honored that you would mention me in your blog! thank you and thank you for your comments, they have helped me be more grateful to the hard work I have done, even if it's just a little saved. I love your site!

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