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>> Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hi everyone. I am in the airport as I write. We drove to Indy to stay at a friends last night and didn't get there until almost midnight. Got very little sleep and got up at 5am to get to airport at 6am where we are now just waiting for our 9am flight.

I will post some pictures later tonight as we will be in Cocoa Beach and I love the ocean.

Airport food...expensive. Need I say more? You can't bring in any food but you can take food on the plane that you buy after security. My husband just had a full meal of eggs and bacon for $7 which wasn't too bad. I can't do that this early so I will grab the $3 muffin and a $2 water. Oh well, on vacation.

If you get inspired by super coupon girl she has her shopping trip from Saturday update. (side bar)

I did no shopping this week since we were going on vacation. How about you all? Any great deals you want to share? People love to see how others are doing.

Other blog sites have posted updates for Kroger, Meijer and more so check those out if you are a frequent shopper at these stores. (use side bar)


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