What kind of blogger are you?

>> Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What type of blogger are you? Do you solely want to find coupon/money saving sites? Do you click to a new site and with one glance click away or do you stay around and visit for awhile?

I should be called "inbetween" because I always seem to straddle the middle bar. This might explain why I am always open to people, ideas, religion and perhaps why my choice of social work makes sense.

Anyway...jumping from site to site this afternoon I found a site called Virtue Alert. For some reason I started reading her blog and became intrigued. She is obviously Republican and a Christian. I make no claim to any political party for I vote as I see fit. As for the christian part, I certainly am, I am catholic to be frank and here I straddle the bar as well between conservative and liberal.

What I found so strange about her writings is that what she is writing about is true, perhaps a bit more Conservative then I normally go but interesting. This may be a sight you are interested in if you have TWEENS or soon to be tweens... (D you reading this?)

Have you heard a song called I kissed a girl? Well it is a catchy song that I myself have sung along to....I will let you read about it at her blog if you are aware of the song. Can a song really make an impact? Straddling.....again

Is Hannah Montana in your house so often you set a place for her at the table? Read about her there as well.

So...this brings me back to what kind of blogger are you? Do you skip around? Do you laugh and make comments....that is so true....kinda thing? Do you get angry and leave a message or just stew about to someone else? One of the things I love about blogs is that it is personal, people can speak their minds and you don't have to read it if you don't want to. But every once in awhile I see a blog like this where I agree somewhat yet don't. How about you?

In case you are new to my blog, I have a twenty year old daughter and I no longer monitor her movements. Although I will say I had a hard time when she was growing up...thinking about what choices were the right ones.


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