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>> Friday, October 17, 2008

It looks like there is a Walgreen's coupon for a few days only. If you have not shopped there yet make sure you look on my side bar for how to get ahold of coupon.

We went to Walmart last night and everyone had to load up on things they wanted to eat/drink. We have a condo but you have to get your own things. I have to tell you this was hard for me because I had no coupons and everything I saw I was thinking, "I have a coupon at home for that," and I didn't bring my coupons because I had enough to bring with me as it was. So we only got a few things. I told my husband that we were on vacation and I don't mind eating our breakfast at the house but I am not fixing meals everyday, we are going out.

It was a beautiful day here yesterday and this morning it is pretty muggy. I have already pre-sun screened before I head outside. I am a redhead and burn.

Here a few pictures to show off. One is Ron at Kennedy Space Center. One is the fridge that is full of liquor and (I dont drink) and one is a shot of Ron Jon's famous surf store.


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