Relaxing by the Pool

>> Thursday, October 16, 2008

Good Morning Everyone. I know my blog is supposed to be about saving money and I did get a savings on hotel room in yesterday blog, but this morning it is all about the relaxation. My hubby is off having a massage for the first time in his life.
I decided to sit by the pool and relax, play on the computer and just breathe in the life that God created. You can not but be affected by the Lord when you look at the wonderful palm trees swaying, the water in the pool, and ocean. It is mid 70's here right now and wonderfully breezy. Right here in this moment there is no worries, no stress just me and God enjoying his creations. So if you have the time to take a minute today look at the pictures of the pool and imagine you are here warm, and relaxed.

We have already checked out of the hotel although they allow you to use their amenities all day. Our final bill was $6.98. Not bad and I would definitely come back here. Easy access to beach, they drive you right to it. Lots and I mean lots for kids to do: game room, putt putt, child care and playground indoors, outdoor water park and pool. A great start to our vacation.

Next stop will be Ron Jon's the store to look around, a quick pass at Kennedy space center and on to Orlando to go to the condo and pick up our friends from the airport.

Update on my back...better then last night but still hurting however I am hanging in there and it isn't so bad that I cant walk or move just irritating hurt. After a full day though it kills. I need to shed some pounds and do back exercises.

Have a great day everyone.

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