Good deals, free deals what do I do with this stuff?

>> Friday, August 29, 2008

Sometimes we see great deals and wish we had someone to give them to because we don't or won't use the product. Here are some ideas for you to use your free stuff and nearly free items. I know we each have so many tubes of toothpaste, tooth brushes, shampoo and the list goes on down the page.

  • Make baskets for your family, friends, and homeless centers. You can get items specifically for the people you are buying for and make a beautiful presentation. Girls love the wonderful smelling soaps, shaving products, candy, shampoos, lotions, and all that makeup you get free.

  • For guys make them a basket (guy looking type) with shavers, creams, shampoo and other manly needs.

  • The homeless. I do this all the time with my church and donating is a great cause. All the extras you get can go there. They always need soap, shampoo, razors, pocket kleenex, combs, small pads of paper, pens and much more. At easter and Christmas I often make over a hundred small gift bags with these types of products and you can just put them all in the bag and donate or get brown paper bags and decorate them.

  • So when you see those deals don't turn away if its free think who might be able to use that. Also free or nearly free food items especially cereals and such are great things to donate too.


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