Busy Saturday!!

>> Saturday, August 30, 2008

This weekend has already been a busy one. I was all set to enjoy my coupon clipping, studying the "big" beginning of the month deals (I have been waiting for two weeks) and my daughter has issues with her apartment and needs to move home asap. So...starting this morning we have packed up her apartment and moved most things to my living room. The kitchen stuff went to storage and the furniture will go in one room as a sitting room and the bedroom in another room. We have 4 bedrooms and plenty of room just not storage.

I am tired, my back is spasming and tomorrow will be another big day. I did make it over to Walgreen's to spend my $10/$40. I had to really think about this one because I didn't want to buy just to buy. When I got there they were out of a few things that I wanted but I hit pay dirt with laundry detergent. I normally make my own but I like to have back ups and for my husbands ball uniforms the concentrated detergent works better. I got:

3 tide w/color safe bleach on clearance for $2.19 had 3 coupons for $.35 = $5.52
3 Purex w/color safe bleach on clearance for 3.19 had 3 coupons for $.55 = $7.92
1 Angel Soft t-paper (12 double rolls) on sale for $4.99
Lots of snapple white tea. This is almost never on sale so I wont bother to say how much it was.
Packing tape bogo free $2.99
3 puffs tissue for $.89 each

Total saving today was $36.02 and I spent 32. 73 so I pretty much had a 50% saving there today.

This wasn't my best day but I can tell you that I won't need t-paper, laundry detergent, or kleenex for a while.

I need to do a blog on storing this stuff. I don't have a lot of storage space and now less with daughter moving back.

Any ideas let me know.


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