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>> Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hello Spring...It is baby chicken time. I thought about this for the past year. I went back and forth over raising my own chickens. I was out, I was in, ....sometimes I just get impulsive and jump. Here I am. Basically I live in the county area and I have lots of space. I have about 3/4 an acre and my back yard is totally fenced in for the dogs. I thought where will I put these chickens? Luckily for me I have a nice little spot on the the s
ide of my house that is shaped like a U. The house is on one side and the other sides are surrounded by fencing. My yard butts up against my neighbors fenced in back yards so everyone is quite far away from my yard. It is a secluded spot away from the road, the neighbors and animals (predators). With the shape of the U, I can also put up a movable fencing to let the chickens range (roam) a bit as well and the dogs can't get to them.

So why go to all the trouble to raise your own chickens? Well there are several reasons:

To have all natural, organic eggs that actually have 40% more nutrition then the eggs you buy in the store.
YES, it true they are more nutritious in vitamins, minerals and have less cholesterol, they have orangish yolks, and the more orange the higher the vitamins. The yolks stand up better, the whites are not as runny. Its all true. Believe me I have read everything I can to understand raising chickens.

If you have a local farmers store (Tractor supply, Rural King or more) you can go buy a magazine for under $10 and there are plenty to pick from all of them have tons of information on getting started with chickens. You can also buy your chickens there, check them out, ask questions, see what supplies will cost and so on. You can mail order chickens as well, but I spoke to several people and I liked just picking out my baby chicks, they were healthy, cheap ($1.25-2.00)each. Put in an Internet search for raising chickens and you will get tons of info. There is no one specific site I feel like I can endorse so I will let you explore the net on your own.

Later on I will begin Part One of raising chickens by explaining what I purchased, about how much it will cost you and why you need it.


Denise March 28, 2010 at 7:40 PM  

Very cute!! If you put the food and water on a block of a 2x4 then they don't spill it or get the pine crap in it so bad plus they will still be able to reach it eat and drink.

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