Life has been crazy lately

>> Sunday, February 21, 2010

My life has just been crazy lately. Do you ever feel like life is controlling you instead of you controlling your life? That is kinda how I have been feeling lately.

On the up side my whole family is trying to eat more healthy and we have all lost weight this week. On the down side of that is the dizzy, lightheaded, crappy way in which you feel when you are kicking the bad habits. My hubby is having a hard time giving up his diet Dr. pepper, white bread, miracle whip and peanut butter. The kids are doing well since they have been doing this for awhile already. I have to give up diet coke and fast

Work has been up and down as social work often is but I am dealing fairly well with work right now.

The depression is kicking my butt however I continue to deal with it every day and every sleepless night.
On the good side, I booked a trip to Orlando Florida with my daughter for mid April. This is a very big step for me, actually it is huge. I am going somewhere without my husband which has never happened before, not like this. I have taken a weekend to drive to my sisters of something but big trips have always been with him and I rely on him to keep me grounded, safe, help to lessen my anxiety but this time I will have to do that on my own and help my daughter with her anxieties. I seriously hope I am up to this...but I feel this may be a big hurdle to get over in my life.

I will be posting some recipes soon on healthy cookies that I want to try. We will also start some a series on gardening again and see what we all need to do to start to prepare our yards for the spring to come.


Lisa March 20, 2010 at 3:43 PM  

Orlando is beautiful in the April! You will have a blast.:)

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