New Year, New You

>> Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Any New Year Resolutions out there? I have to admit I am not going to make any big announcements for resolutions because I never stick to them however I do want to work on several things in the new year and hopefully I will check them off one by one as the year goes by...

  • I want to be healthier (that means many things, losing weight, eating better, taking medication on time, continuing my therapy, working on my relationships) I make no promises to myself other than I will put my best foot forward
  • I want to save enough money to go to the Netherlands with my family in June/July of 2010.
  • I want to become involved in my church services again
  • I want to develop my friendships more deeply and make new friends
  • I want to be more adventurous
  • I want to take a vacation with my husband

There is lots of other stuff too but this is a good start and things I can work on with out making big promises to myself. Hope you all will be a little more kind to yourselves this new year. Do something good for yourself. Have some more fun and remember life is for living and you are worth the effort it takes to make that happen. :)


Anonymous December 17, 2009 at 9:45 PM  

Ok here goes, my New Year Resolutions...
1. To not spend all of my emergency money (like I did this year)
2. To learn to love myself (or at least like myself)
3. To let go, give up my 20 year grudges
4. To make relationships work or move on
4. To realize I am not my daughters keeper, what will be will be, they are adults!
5. To quit giving in when I don't want to. To set up a retirement goal ( I can't stay 29 forever!)
6. To make new friends
Oh sorry, I forgot this wasn't my blog!

Paula December 20, 2009 at 3:49 PM  

Actually our lists could pretty much be the same thing Marilyn..LOL..

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