Christmas time treats

>> Thursday, December 10, 2009

This year it is all about the ease of making treats. I love to bake but I will be honest time and patience are not my strong point this year so here are some of the things I have been working on for Christmas goodies.

I love no bake cookies and if you have not had them before or for a long while whip up a batch of these babies and freeze some for later. Yummo!!

Another fun item I made was splenda chocolate cocoa. It was very easy to make and I put tiny little marshmallows in it as well. Then I made some really cute stir sticks by putting candy canes in a chocolate mold and so they come out with little snow men chocolate shapes wrapped around a candy cane. (I would show a picture but my camera is not working). Just replace the sugar with splenda for a sugar free version.I will also be making some chex mix and puppy chow mix. These freeze well as well and make great little gift bags for baskets. If you really want something different and want to use chex mix for jars or gifts then check out their site there are tons of recipes for making fun types of chex mix. I am also making my own candy this year. I did this often when I was a kid and my mom and I would make fun chocolate shapes, buckeyes and more. This year besides the candy canes I am making turtles. I found a really easy way to fill molds and use the chocolate as well. Put your chocolate pieces in a zip lock bag and place in the microwave. Set the time for 20 second each time until melted. It usually doesn't take much. Snip the end of the bag and poof...instant chocolate with no mess.

To make the turtles take 4 full pecans and put them into a circle then dribble a little chocolate over them, then take the Carmel ( I put the Carmel in a zip lock bag as well until warm then you can pull little bits out) make a small circle with the Carmel and place on top of the chocolate, finish by covering up with more chocolate. You can let them sit or put in the freezer for a quick set. I usually use a plate or cookie sheet lined with wax paper. These are so yummy as well.

The last thing I will make is my mint patties. Take mint chocolate and melt it in the microwave or double boiler. once it is melted then take Ritz crackers and dip into the mint chocolate completely covering the cracker. Place the cracker on wax paper and let cool or place in freezer for quick set. These taste like Girl Scout mint cookies.

What are you making this year?


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