Stockpiling Homemade Style (UPDATED)

>> Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I don't know about all of you but my recipes never turn out exactly like the ones I post about. If you are a new cook/baker my recommendation is to stick to the recipes. If you have been cooking a long time..(like me) then I usually use the recipes as a base for what I am making. The recipe for cream of chicken soup below is a great way to get started. I used my fresh stock broth and I didn't use as much milk as they said. I also used clear jel as a thickening agent. (Tip: if you can find clear jel get it. It is wonderful in all types of foods). I didn't have all the spices they suggested so I used what I had and it came out wonderful. So don't be afraid to try some variations on the recipes. If it doesn't work try something different next time.

I have been extra busy lately preparing food for the family and getting things in the freezer. I told you about a great local store near me that has good prices on fruits, veggies and meats. I usually use the Amish butcher for my meat but lately they have had better cuts of beef for better prices. Today I got 20 lbs. of ground sirloin for 2.29 a pound. I also got 10 pounds of chicken breasts (boneless) for a little over a 1.00 a pd. So what did I make today?

I made a big batch of tater tot casserole. We ate half tonight and the other half is lunch tomorrow. I made sloppy Joe's for dinner tomorrow night. Everyone has crazy schedules tomorrow. I browned and froze about 6 pounds of taco seasoned meat. I made up four 1 pound meatloaves and froze those as well. I have about 5 pounds of beef left which I will probably just brown and freeze tomorrow.

Chicken I slow simmer all day to get a wonderful homemade broth. I am going to make homemade cream of chicken soup tomorrow. See recipe here. I am going to shred most of the chicken tonight yet and freeze it for recipes. I will either freeze the broth or make chicken and noodles this week yet.

My freezer is getting pretty full and I have a few homemade desserts in there as well. Good thing because it looks like I have a belly button hernia and will probably have to have surgery. Hopefully this will be a quick in and out procedure. In Jan. 2008 I went in for two hernias and they ended up having to take care of eight hernias and I was cut from breast to belly button. I was laid up awhile with that and never want to have a repeat.


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