Shell Salad

>> Sunday, August 9, 2009

I have mentioned this salad before but since I was making again today I decided to take some pictures and post it. It is very simple, cheap and I have never had anyone not like it. Its a standard in my family. I will appoximated recipe.

I have fresh tomatoes coming from the garden and I picked a few strangler cucumbers as well as zucchini and green beans this morning. I thought I would use as much as I could today so I though of Shell salad. You can use any pasta but the shells work really well and we just prefer it. Also I am a real mayo girl however this pasta salad uses miracle whip salad dressing and you really need to use that because it gives it that zing that the salad needs.

1 box pasta shells
2 medium to large c
3-4 ripe tomatoes

Miracle whip Salad dressing

Boil and cook pasta draining well. In the mean time chop up tomatoes and peeled cucumbers into bite sized pieces. Combine all ingredients (pasta, veggies) and begin to add the Miracle whip by big spoonfuls. I can't tell you exactly how much because it just depends on the amount of tomatoes, cucs, juiciness, just add and stir until it is coated and not looking dry. Salt and pepper a little bit.

This salad is best sitting over night or several good hours in the fridge. Stir well before use, if it looks a little dry add a few spoonfuls of miracle whip. This is a salad that I find needs a lot of salt to taste so I suggest just letting people add salt if they like more. You can make as much or as little as you like. If you like lots of tomatoes and cucs then add more. If you want to make a smaller batch just use less pasta. Very versatile.


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