Canning Tomatoes and Peaces

>> Saturday, August 29, 2009

I am exhausted. I decided to go ahead and can some tomato juice. This was messy but overall pretty easy to do. I just cored them and used my vadalia chopper to chop them up. You put them into a big pot and cook them down. Then you strain them, put the juice in the jars and give them a water bath. Sound simple and it was but it is time consuming and messy. Several times I thought to myself Tomato Juice from Aldi's is cheap and easy but at least I have organic, good juice to make some chili this winter.

I also stewed some tomatoes. These I did the same as above except I blanched to peal the tomatoes then de-seeded the tomatoes, then put them into a big pot and simmer crushing them as they heat up. Then can as normal. You can use this to make sauces, chili, soups and more.

Then....I ran to the store for more jars and started in on the peaches. I blanched as I did the tomatoes to get the skins off, them pitted them and put them through the vadalia chopper. I got the perfect consistency for making jam. Here is the recipe I followed.

The jam is finishing up in its water bath and I am tired! I still have peaches left over and I wanted to make and can peach pie filling but need to find some thing called clear gel to use instead of cornstarch. If I cant find it tomorrow (walmart didn't have it) then it will just have to be canned/frozen peaches.


Anonymous August 29, 2009 at 9:08 AM  

Wow, you sure were busy, I hate to say it, I can't even give my tomatoes away.

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