>> Friday, July 24, 2009

I have been working on the lasagna garden area around my pool. I will be taking pictures and updating those as I get a chance. I hope to be done with this by this weekend.

My trip to Frankenmuth, MI has been put off for another week. I woke up this morning to my precious dog snickers who appears to be ill so I will take her to the vet this morning and that may very well take the money I intended to take Frankenmuth!

I got five zucchinis and two cucs from the garden yesterday. I don't have time to do any baking so I will shred and freeze the zucchini today for future use.

Overall it has just been a bit of a rough week. Still fighting the bronchitis/cough. Started new depression medication (cymbalta) which will take awhile to start to do its magic. Anyone been on this before? I switched from other meds but this takes me to one med verses several others.

My daughter is just driving me crazy. She says we never tell her what a good job she is doing, that we only see her failures...etc. But...she still is not fully employed, she isn't making enough money to pay her bills and we are making up the difference (car payment, car insurance, gas for car sometimes, helping to make sure check book is covered) and it is getting old. She has had several opportunities for full employment and blew them off. I am at my limit. I gave her 30 days to find another part time job or full time job and that is half gone. Big sigh...

My father in law has not seen daylight in weeks. He refuses to do anything but walk from his room to family room to eat and back. We have to make him come out to eat and drink. This is not depression...this is his personality. I know it sounds weird but he would rather just exist like this. He lived a hermit life with never doing anything more then work and home. No purchases, no going to eat, vacations, rarely family gathering...Yesterday I told him, "do you realize it has been 6 hours since you have come out of your room, gotten a drink or had something to eat?" He said so? And I again told him how horrible it is for him. He said so? I said so you would die if we didn't make you eat or drink and he said SO? My husband and I are going to an adult day care center this morning to look into a place that he could go a few days a week. He is coming out of that room whether he wants to or not. We also have an appt. to pre-plan his funeral today. All bases covered.


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