Where do you get your meat?

>> Saturday, May 9, 2009

I get the majority of my meat from a local Amish butcher. I know where the meat comes from, I have been shopping there for over 19 years and I never have to worry about the quality of the meat. Where do you get your meat?

Now days there are issues with grass fed beef, free range chickens, pork and so on. Whether you shop at the local market or your local butcher be prepared to ask questions if you are concerned about where your meat comes from. I ran into my friend at our local butcher today and she was inquiring about buying a hog. I told her I would go halves with her. If buying is bulk is an option for you then you may want to find someone to go halves with you or let them know you are willing to split with someone that might be interested. The great thing about the butcher or asking for special things at the supermarket is you might get a deal that wasn't advertised.

My family used to be hog farmers. Today there are many who are worried about swine flu...please don't give up on pork, the flu is not passed by eating pork and farmers lives depends on the market.

Many books talk about cutting back on sausage, bacon and such because of the chemicals added but when you buy locally it is fresh and often smoked without the added chemicals.

I am not a huge pork person or a big time beef person but I like to know when I do cook up my meat I am getting the best price and the best product for my family.


Tatersmama May 11, 2009 at 9:07 PM  

I wish I could get home-grown meat nowadays, but we do have a better option with a local meat wholesaler.
The supermarkets want and arm and a leg ( literally! ground beef is $10.70 a kilo - which is about 2 lbs - so it works out $5.37 a lb for poor quality meat!)

As a result, we don't eat much meat, but when we do, I want quality - no matter what the price!

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