Ready to Party? Spring Clean Party: Time to Finish up

>> Friday, May 15, 2009

Go here for the day ten cleaning.

Well the party is over...for those of you that followed the plan. The cleaning is done. Put away the broom, hide the cleaning sprays and toss out the last bits of trash. OR go to my side bar click on the Spring clean series and start the clean because lots of us didn't get much of anything done.

I liked how she did this series. It was a lot like the fly lady cleaning. Most people just don't have a full day or two days to clean everything and still sleep. I liked reading here article today because it talked about her using her balcony for family area and not having a car. She lives in a high rise, urban area. Living in the Midwest this is so foreign to me. We have apartments around here of course but they aren't really high rise and even our urban areas (I don't consider it very urban) you still need a car to get around.


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