Lasagna Gardening: Planting Veggies

>> Wednesday, April 29, 2009

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It is time to plant. Well depending on where you live you may have already planted and you may have several more weeks before you can plant. Planting according to the plant itself is important. You need to know when to plant, how much to water, soil, sun and water conditions in order to get the best produce possible.

Here are a few veggies to consider this planting season.

Asparagus does well in a lasagna garden. This is a heavy feeder, needs well drained soil, six hours of sun best planted in an established lasagna garden.

Beans go well with other crops and bush beans make a good perimeter in a lasagna bed. They can take little space and provide shade. Try planting pole beans so vines crawl up. Keep covered at night until well established and chance of frost is over, keep moist but don't work around your beans when they are wet because this can cause disease.

Broccoli grow in full sun rich with compost and frequent additions of manure. Can withstand cold if hardened inside first. (this just means grow inside and get them used to cold a bit at time before planting)

Cucumbers support this fruit instead of letting it grow on the ground and get great results. Good drainage and rich soil with added manure. Do not plant in same place each year to avoid disease and pests.

Lettuce, everyone can grow lettuce the author says. She says to restrain yourself from using the whole lettuce package at one time because of excess. They like it cool with afternoon shade. Plant taller plants next to them to shade them. Well drain site and high nitrogen (grass clippings) help these plants. Remember you can go out and clip off the outer edges for eating as you wait for the full head to form. Pick in early morning or evening.

Peas are easy to grow. Stay away from old fashion ones and go for sugar snaps or snow peas for ease. Plant in cool, well drained place. You don't need much space because you can use posts and string to climb them.

Tomatoes need full sun and protection from wind. Planting can be easier to buy established plants. Help them climb or support them for best results. (we will talk about supporting your veggies/fruits later series)

Pumpkins, squash, watermelon, can all be grown if using the small varieties on fences, trellis, stakes, strings ...there are endless ways to grow these so don't shy away from growing these great veggies/fruits.

Please leave me a comment if you would like to know how to plant a veggie not shown and I will reply with an answer from her book.

Next series will talk about planting some fruits. Yummy. I have a blueberry bush and a raspberries bush but I need to establish a little more fruit. She has tips to help you grow more fruit.


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