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>> Saturday, April 25, 2009

I need YOUR INPUT, please. In my desire to get as far away of processed foods as possible, I need some simple ideas for breakfast and lunch that will freeze easy. As many of you know my father in law lives with us after his stroke and we have been purchasing a lot of frozen items for his eating because his schedule is so very different then the rest of ours. I want to make breakfast easy for all of us but especially so for getting his food out and ready.

I need your ideas, recipes, websites. I love to try new things so please leave your comments, links to other sites or whatever you think might help. I want the whole family to be healthier and I need to incorporated his eating into ours as well.

Thanks a bunch!!

**My father in law can eat anything, if we need to cut up stuff I do it for him but he is fine with a spoon or fork. Sometimes he forgets to use his hands and you will see him eating toast with a spoon but that is another story all together. The items that I make should be easy to heat up and good for us all to eat when needed.


Tatersmama April 25, 2009 at 4:16 PM  

What kinds of foods can he eat? I mean after the stroke, can he use a knife and fork - or is something he can hold in his hands easier for him?

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