Wow what a weekend

>> Sunday, March 15, 2009

I ended up getting some house stuff done. Broke down and cleaned bathroom and Family room because I couldn't stand it anymore.

My hubs and I went and bought a book self/desk wall unit to replace the sofa we got rid of and now all that is in the living room waiting to be but together.

Put off work all weekend so I have spent the last 3 hours working at my desk.

Baking: The sourdough bread I made is good, it has a slightly sour taste but that tastes gets more sour the more you let it sit out before baking. I do not like the bread cold doesn't seem to have enough taste to me so I am going to experiment with a different recipe in the coming weeks. The recipe I have been using is a great and easier recipe to start with so please try it but plan on eating the loaves that day because I think it is just too heavy the next day but it could be something I did wrong...don't know.

Well off to bed because I have to get up two hours earlier to take my son in law to take his placement tests. He let his car insurance lapse due to money issues and until it gets updated he isn't driving. Responsible but pain in the behind.

Have a great week...and hopefully tomorrow I can look at the ads and coupons!


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