Making your own disinfective wipes

>> Friday, March 6, 2009

I am going to link this site that explains how to make your own wipes. I have done this before twice with very good results and I will be making some this weekend as well.

The site will have you use an old empty wipes holder. I used a Rubbermaid type container with a small hole in the top so I could pull the towels out. I also used another Rubbermaid type container that I could just pop open and pull one out. I also read about taking paper towels and pulling them off folding them into half or thirds and stacking them into an old baby wipe container.

Using essential oils in here is great. Tea tree oil and lavender has antibacterial properties. Tea tree oil is a bit stronger on the smell area. Remember vinegar has natural disinfected power so you can use other smells you like. I use citrus smells because I like that best. I tend to use a lot more of the oil drops then they suggest because I love the smell. See my going green the natural way on the left side bar for a natural, chemical free spray for you house as well.

The site tells you to use a knife to cut the paper towel roll in half and this is how I did it last time. It does make a little mess so if you have an electric knife use it because it will slice easier for you but you don't have to use one a regular knife works as well.

Other alternatives to paper towels is old rags or towels cut to smaller squares and put into an old baby wipe box or rubber maid container that you use and wash. Happy wiping. You can use these homemade wipes on anything and it is very safe.


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