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>> Thursday, March 26, 2009

How do you figure out your deals and where you are going to use your coupons? Do you just wonder into the store and use your coupons as you go? Do you pour over the ads each week and see what matches you can find? Are you using the blog sites ( and others) to match up the deals? Finally are you taking advantage of the coupon matching with printable coupons too?

How do I do it you may ask? Well I do all of the above! I have to honestly say it depends on the day, the week and what is going on in my house as to the mode I use that week. This week I am taking advantage of the many coupon/deal match ups and planning to make a few separate trips to make the most of my bucks. Some weeks I have no more time then a quick glance at the ads and a run for important deals. And sometimes....I shop without coupons at all (oh the horror)! All in all I do the best I can with what is going on in my life and you too have to find a happy medium that works for you too.

On the days I don't have coupons with me I buy only the most needed items. I hit the highlights and wait for another day for coupon shopping. I don't need it that bad or I would have brought my coupons. One thing I can tell you without a doubt is the blogs that host the sale price match ups along with the coupons and printables have worked hard to do it so take advantage of those deals and know that every region and every store is different so don't get upset if your area is not getting the same deal, just roll with it. That is my new saying for the week...roll with it :)


Anonymous March 26, 2009 at 9:30 PM  

Oh Paula, I do try to match up the coupons, but I have trouble getting into the drugstores , Walgreens, Rite-Aid ect. I faithfully match my meijer coupons. If I have to "roll with it" I try to buy only what I truly need and wait for my coupons.

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