What a fun day

>> Saturday, February 28, 2009

I had a nice, relaxing and fun day yesterday. I headed to my friend, Denise's house and we went to get pedicures. This was my first time. I love it. I had a guy doing my feet and that was a little weird but other then that it was wonderful. We did a bit of shopping for some eats for that night, stopped at Applebee's for a wonderful salad and picked up her daughter from school. We headed back to the house to start scrapping. We got no scrapping done. We played with my new cricut and it has so many features, so many different ways of doing things we just played with that, messed things up, played some more and then got tired of it so we talked and laughed with another friend until I left. We decided we are taking a 'girl' trip somewhere this Fall perhaps to a spa. Anyone know of a great spa we can get away to?

There has been a few questions on where I purchased my cricut. A little background information. There are three cricut machines. The first is a smaller machine that is what everyone first started on and it is a great machine that cuts shapes, number/letters and more. The one I purchased was the cricut expression it is a bigger machine, can hold a 12x12 and a 12x24 mat as well as the smaller sizes so it is a more versatile machine. They also have another machine that I am not real familiar with but it is more like a creation...you can create on it.

You can buy these at most craft stores, at cricut.com and on ebay. I purchased mine on ebay. The first machine runs about $250 at stores and at cricut site. On ebay you an get them considerable discounted. My machine goes for about $499 and I got it on ebay for $265. The cartridges ranger from $80 to $60 at stores and cricut but on ebay you can get them from $20-40.

When purchasing on ebay make sure it is a NEW cricut and they are usually authorized dealers. It should say something like, new, in an unopened package and also look to the sellers feedback to make sure they are getting good feed back.


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