Stressful day

>> Friday, February 20, 2009

I got pulled over by the police for doing 47 in a 35. I had turned down the wrong street in an area I am not in very often and I looked up to see a 35mph sign at the same time I saw the police. He ended up giving me a warning...thank god.

Five minutes later I called to tell my husband about the pull over incident when he told me that he may loose his job on Monday. I really thought to myself how much more do you want me to handle lord?

But then I told my husband we are not going to worry about this because if that happens we will deal with it as we have in the past. We will have over a year of unemployment and with his dad living with us right now we get some money for taking care of him too so we will be fine. And if this does happen then it is a sign for him to continue his schooling and get a masters degree. He graduated a few years ago with a bachelor in business but there are other areas he can get his masters in that may be more productive for getting a job.

I did go with my daughter to scrap booking and that was good to get out of the house. I ended up eating two slices of pizza but I am not going to beat myself up I am just going to get up tomorrow and work on the detox diet as I have for the past few days.


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