Shopping anyone?

>> Sunday, February 8, 2009

Well because my father in law left later on Saturday we got a late start to go to the outlets and by the time we got there they were closing in 30 mins. So our shopping turned into a quick dash to get my husband some work shoes. We had strawberry shakes on the way home and went to bed we were just bone tired and not having to worry about getting up for the father in law was nice. We only got 3 emergency phone calls from the brother in law in that 24 hour period.

We picked up my father in law this morning and took him to lunch. He has lived a very reclusive life and never really went out much so we are trying to take him to more places. We went to a great casual Italian restaurant and he had a homemade ham sub. He seemed to like it.

My shopping trip to walmart was pretty short. I was overwhelmed by the amount of people there and just wanted out so I got the main things I needed and got out. No lingering, no couponing just a dash and go for sanity. But this is ok because I would like to plan my shopping a bit more for this weeks deals.

A prayer goes out to everyone to a great start to the week.


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