A few hours of relaxation

>> Saturday, February 7, 2009

Got up this morning as normal with my father in law....the difference you ask? My husband was home so I told him get up and get dad in the tub. He did it, not joyfully because no one wants to have to see and help their father in the tub. So he was cleaned up, dressed, fed and waiting for his other son to come get him for the night. (dad forgot how to eat toast again this morning..sorry I just had to laugh out loud when I looked up and saw him eating his toast from his fork...you just don't see that often, however it was a lot easier to look at instead of him trying to spear it with the spoon last week!)

You could feel the excitement...my father in law you ask? Heck no the excitement from Ron and I. We never spoke but the eye contact said, "Bed?" No words were needed. Sex you are thinking you dirty minded people. Sleep was silently communicated and accepted by us both. My brother in law was supposed to be here at 9am. At 10:30am I left my husband and father in law waiting and took my nap. A little before 1pm my husband came in the bedroom to take his nap. Thanks for the help brother in law. This is not a surprising thing to me.

So hubby is still napping and I got up. Oh the relaxation. I have looked at all my favorite blogs, I have explored other blogs and I want to add so many more blogs to my site. I have made comments and entered contests. What a fun hour of relaxation. Tonight's plan is to go do some much needed shopping and dinner just the two of us. Yeah.


Denise February 7, 2009 at 4:49 PM  

You deserve a break. Have fun just the two of you and enjoy your night!!

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