Do you need a coupon?

>> Thursday, February 26, 2009

I feel really bad for some people who are suffering the loss of their coupons. Cherry picker has been talking about the loss of Red Plum coupon inserts in the Sunday paper. Coupons save people money but they also stimulate the economy. I mean if I get coupons I usually will buy more with them then without so why these coupon companies don't get that I am not sure.

There are lots of places to get coupons: the newspaper, internet, friends and family to name a few. Another way is to purchase the coupons or trade through the internet. I have talked before about coupon clippers (on side bar). One thing to know is that it is inexpensive, you still save money and they come fast. They usually have the preview of coupons up on Saturday and you can purchase right away. It only takes a few days to get your coupons and you still get them before the sale ends.

Why purchase coupons? I used to think I would never purchase coupons but I found that when good sales are going on I can really stock up. Purchase the coupons you know you are going to use. I get Kleenex coupons, dog food coupons and whatever I see is a good sale online and need quick.


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