Day 4 on the detox..continued

>> Saturday, February 21, 2009

I am pretty proud of myself for mostly sticking with this diet. Yes I know I had two slices of pizza last night but four days with no meat, dairy, diet coke, sugar...FAST very hard for me.

I went to our local supermarket again...(this isn't cheap folks) but I am buying extra fruit/veggies for family too. I have to admit as I walked through out the store, I would say, "I want that, I want that and it was not even the worst stuff, it was chicken and milk, and cheese...I love cheese.

Today's food intake: Watermelon, fruit smoothie (oh gosh that tasted good), a few rice crackers (wasn't thrilled with those). For dinner, I had some fresh cut up fruit, oven baked french fries...(OH yah baby, I love taters, I made them like I made the sweet potato fries) and then I made a salad but didn't eat it mostly because I tried a new way to make a dressing and it was bad. I picked some veggies out but I was already full.

I feel pretty good. My body is ok with what I have been eating, I can feel the fullness in my belly and mostly my mind says it is ok...I know I can have a wonderful fruit smoothie again later if I want it. However there is an internal fight in my mind that says you want to have the chicken that I made the family or how about some popcorn? But I am taking it one day at a time and today I am proud of myself.


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